After much pontification, I’m finally committing to this sharing some thoughts and perspective to the wider community and my TAINZ website.

If you have stumbled upon this and me for the first time – I’m a serial entrepreneur based in Wellington, New Zealand but with a pretty unique contrast of working closely in the San Francisco Bay area for over 30 years since my first visit in 1989 to try and secure a Sharper Image franchise for New Zealand – I was 19 and overly hopeful – let’s just leave it at that.

You can see a quick summary of what happened after that in my business career in my LinkedIn profile here

I’m fascinated by business and personal growth and in recent times the concept of Purpose in business. That’s an intentional capitalisation of Purpose because I believe it underpins everything we do. So much so that I’m building a new venture around it in the hope to meaningfully contribute to the growth of stakeholder capitalism 

A huge piece of which is contributing to solving the world’s social and environmental challenges nice categorised by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

There’s another good piece if your interested in learning more about that concept from Harvard Business Review here

Of course, to be Purposeful one of the first things you have to do is be able to articulate what your true Personal Purpose is – here’s mine:

To actively engage the world and learn from each experience to grow my skills, experience to better understand the world and share that knowledge and perspective to help others do the same

I’m a relative newcomer to the environmental side of things mostly educated by my children and others around me who “got it” much quicker than I did. With that, I’m now trying to accelerate my growth and involvement meaning in that space initially by supporting an awesome person I had the pleasure of connecting with several years ago who is, simply put, allergic to waste.

I’ve been working with Dee Glentworth to try and help her build the vision of FreeForAll but in actual fact, she has been helping me understand what true Purpose and passion for a cause looks like as she goes about her work religiously with little consideration for her own returns from the massive amount of time she applies to the cause only made possible by her amazing family who “get it”.

To round out the about me and one of my “continuous learning” tracks I’m a trainee Pilot. Some of the most experienced Pilot’s I know also describe themselves in the same way which part of what I love about aviation – no two flights are the same and it’s a wonderful way to engage the world from a very different perspective and your body and mind with some real pressure and compelling need for applied learning and critical self-reflection and decision making.

Anyone local to Wellington and keen to learn should come join me and the team and members at the Wellington Aero Club 

Thanks for reading and look forward to your feedback!