After listening to your situation and understanding needs we provide flexible services to deliver – from one off consultations to ongoing governance and mentoring roles. If we don’t feel there is a fit with your needs and our capability we will tell you and either disengage or refer you to more suitable expertise from within the TAINZ global network.


We’ve worked with innovators across the globe and even done a bit ourselves

We follow Digital Disruption trends and impact closely, constantly asking “Who will this affect and Why?”

We provide an external view to help decision making, assumption validation and strategy creation


The life of a Leader has become minute based leaving little time for deep thinking

We provide research and sharing of knowledge to bridge the gap for deep thought

We take a global view and apply a local lens to give you the latest information in the context of your specific market


We love thinking about key business issues around strategy and design and come from backgrounds with a wide range of actual experience and success – from startup to Multinational.

We can provide provocation and valuable perspective to Boards and Executives to help refine and optimise strategy and execution