We help Founders, Executives and Boards figure out the future

Where does your Idea or Existing Business (new or mature) fit in a world where physical and digital disruption is a constant and consumers rule?  – we can help

Our Work

We provide advisory, governance and consulting services to a wide range of businesses focussed on challenges and opportunities for growth and sustainability.

We’re often engaged to provide a provocative or outside perspective to business challenges or shifts in market and consumer behaviour particularly as it relates to digital innovation and transformation which we have extensive experience around in all types of organisation size and stage.

Validate / Expand Your thinking

Managing Director John Holt has over 30 years experience as an international executive and entrepreneur across a diverse range of ventures and markets.

His philosophy is listen first and deliver straightforward validated perspective and strategy to add value to clients decision making process.

John’s network spans the globe and if he does not have the right experience to assist there TAINZ clients have access to his network as part of our service experience.

Putti Apps

John has played a huge party is taking Putti forward.  His digital and start-up experience is so broad that he is able to advise on practically all facets of the business.  He shows patience in his leadership and communication style while cutting to the chase and delivering cold hard truths when needed. As Chairperson, John supports sound governance but not at the expense of impeding bureaucracy.  Lastly, I have not met an individual with a deeper network in our industry and market which has afforded our business many headstarts in seeking our new opportunities as well as the development of unique programs to help our customers grow.

Bruce Howe